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Multi-vendor support services

OCA’s multi-vendor support services cover IT systems built using products of multiple vendors. We provide a varied lineup of support tailored to the multi-vendor environments of our customers, crossing the lines between vendors in network systems.
For our customers, this eliminates the hassle of having to check and contact each individual maintenance vendor for their IT systems. We realize rapid trouble recovery at one stop, receiving calls and inquiries on IT system trouble in one contact center.

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Our Services in Detail

Multi-vendor Support Services

About 2,500 staff at OCA service centers nationwide provide rapid on-site support for the entire system and multiple vendors 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
Our on-site service basically performs repairs by exchanging equipment. (On-site service for exchanging parts, etc. is also available through agreements on technical cooperation between OCA and equipment vendors)
The substitute equipment is in principle provided by the customer or by the equipment vendor. (Substitute equipment can also be provided by OCA on the basis of fixed-charge maintenance agreements.)

Central Call Reception Service

Customers who have trouble with their IT system only make one call to our Customer Support Center irrespective of the vendor. Their problem is then assessed and isolated, and OCA arranges onsite recovery as well as dispatches of service staff from the vendor maintenance companies, all at one-stop.

  • *We also offer a service for 24/7 reception of inquiries in the case of trouble.

Storage Services for Parts and Equipment

We offer services to store and dispatch substitution equipment provided by the customer at our logistics centers and support service centers (24/7 response is available upon separate consultations).

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